Krislund (which means "Christ's Land") is dedicated to loving and honoring God.  At Krislund we offer opportunities to build lasting relationships with peers, staff, and God through activities, community building fellowship, worship, Bible Study and by using God's creation surrounding us.

New in 2016

Krislund will be hiring International Staff this summer. Please consider donating to help us bring diversity to our staff.

Jon tells stories. Stories about art. Stories about leadership. Stories about people. Stories about hope. Stories about sports. Stories about LEGOs, snowflakes, and the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade. Jon tells stories online, on stage, in writing, and in rhyme. Jon tells stories about everything in the hopes of pointing us towards the one thing that really matters.


Help Krislund expand our Ministry

Your Support of Krislund Helps us Extend our Ministry and Outreach to Youth & Families

In 2015, we reached over 1,300 young people through resident camp, day camp & traveling day camp. We hosted 2 teen retreats, 1 pastor’s retreat, and our new Fall Festival. Over 100 retreat groups enjoyed Krislund’s excellent facilities and hospitality, and over 6,500 volunteer hours were given to help us keep Krislund going strong. Your support now will help us as we move into 2016 and expand our ministry.


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